About us

Tipsy Cow is opening in the summer of 2017, right on Portage Ave in downtown Winnipeg. Our owners, Josh & Will, saw an opportunity to offer Winnipeggers two of their favourite things in a trendy environment: Great burgers and great drinks. Already creating a huge buzz, Tipsy Cow is sure to be an instant success.

We don't serve the same old burgers you can get all over the city. Quality products paired with our unique, delicious recipes will have you coming back for more. Local products including fresh breads, mustards & craft beer/spirits really help to refine our menus. In short, what we offer is local food that lives up to the hype.

Come & check out some instant favourites, such as TC Candy, the Winnipegger burger & our Oreo Chocolate cake with Cornell ice cream.


Joshua Mesojednik

Josh began his hospitality career at Tec Voc High School. He completed their culinary arts program being led by Mark Falgui. There Josh learned everything from basic knife skills to sauces to restaurant & menu planning. 

After graduating high school, he moved on to Larter's Golf & Country Club. He would go on to work at 3 more establishments (including the Round Table) with Larter's chef at the time, Paul Frazao. 

Perhaps the most noteable restaurant Josh worked at was Billabong in Osborne Village. Working under David McCall and Kipp Kocay, Josh got to see lots of new ingredients and ways of preparing them. They encouraged creativity and experimenting, which really helped to develop his senses.

After working as the Sous-Chef at Billabong for sometime, Josh worked at a couple more restaurants before opening his own, The Diner's Grill in St. Boniface. After making it one of the busiest breakfast & lunch spots in the city, he decided it was time to take it to the next level. Hence, Tipsy Cow.


(Will) seunghun bang

Before coming to Canada in 2014, Will lived in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. After getting enough of his job at an insurance company, Will ran a small food delivery service with his friends. There he developed an intense love for everything coffee and of course, great customer service.  He then traveled all over Asia & Australia, sampling many different foods in countless restaurants.

Upon moving to Winnipeg, Will began to work at the now closed 925 Bistro & Lounge (RIP). There is where he first met Josh, which created a team bent on creating fantastic food that's only available from their kitchens.